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These Ouija Planchette soaps are just as nourishing as they are enchanting!

Scented with our newest fragrance-made to smell the way we imagine Spirit boards to smell like-old cedar chests with soft Cashmere & Rose, we call it Spiritus. 

Spirit Boards became popular in the post civil war era in America, during the spiritualist movement as a means to communicate with loved ones lost to the war. However the idea & roots behind spirit boards are much older and date to about 1100AD in the form of automatic writing. 

These Ouija Boards Soaps are perfect for gracing your bathing rituals & powder rooms during the Shadow Season-or any season really. 

This Listing is for one (1) bar of Ouija Planchette Soap. We ritually create all of tools in the Olde Ways, so they will come to you fully charged and ready to work their Magick