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Noumenia, the New Moon. It is during this time the moon begins her cycle again. As The New Moon is a time of new beginnings for Mother Moon, so it is a time for us to set down new intentions as well, for all things are created out of the Void.

Works of Magick related to New Beginnings, drawing magick or spells for growth & increase are all appropriate during the Noumenia.

Use this candle during the Noumenia, meditate on your intentions, dreams, creations & goals you are setting and manifesting into the coming months.

Each New Moon Candle is created during the New Moon, scented with out Noumenia oil & charged with New Moon Magick to help you manifest your greatest desires.

This candle is 3-sheets of purple, blue and black beeswax approximately 12" in height. It is large and long burning and should last you a few new moon cycles!

Set your Intentions, Wild Ones.