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You have Witchcraft on your Lips

I began crafting Hexe as a personal power blend. Hexe translates to "Witch" in Old High German and I find the word incredibly powerful. The word "hex" used in context of a curse is derived from this Germanic word Ð yet I seek to reclaim it from it's modern negative connotations.

Hexe is a blend of Black Cedar, Dark Patchouli and a little bit of spice- it is the Epitome of the scent of Witchcraft. It will Envelope you in the deepness and wisdom of the Earth and the art of Witchcraft.

Black cedar is incredibly protective, embodying the spirits of the ancients reminding us to hold fast to the Earth. Cedar trees can live upwards of 1500 years and pass their ancient wisdom to us via their oil. As a tree associated with the Sun, Cedar boosts our Personal Power. Dark Patchouli calls us to contemplation, connecting us to our higher selves and rooting us in sacred earth energy.

Wear Hexe Daily to connect to and project your inner Hexe, to commune and vibrate with the spirits of ancient earth and to embrace your own power as Witch, a Hexe.

We Offer You, the Ancient Wisdom of the Witch, Wild Ones.